Aesop’s Fables

Eagle Proposes Alliance with Lion

An eagle proposed an alliance with a lion. The lion replied, “Sounds good. Except for one thing. How can I trust someone who can just fly away from an agreement whenever he feels like it?

Why I’m Upset

A young pig was enclosed in a yard with a goat and a sheep. One day the shepherd tried to grab hold of the pig–and the pig reacted by grunting, squeaking, and putting up an intense fight. The sheep and goat complained about this, saying, “That shepherd handles us all the time, and we don’t cry out like that.” To this the pig replied, “Your handling and mine are very different things. He catches you for your wool and milk. He catches me for my very life.”

Running for Different Motives

A hound started chasing after a hare–but after a while, the hound gave up and stopped running. A goatherd mocked the hound, saying, “The little one is the best runner of the two.” The hound replied, “Well, consider this. I was only running for the sake of a meal. He was running for the sake of his life.”

Donkey Hears Chirping

A donkey loved listening to the grasshoppers chirping. “They make the most exquisite sound in the world,” he thought. One day he approached a group of them and said, “Your singing voice is so beautiful. I must know: what do you eat that gives you such lovely voices?” “We eat dew,” was the reply. Upon hearing this, the donkey went on an all-dew diet in order to emulate the grasshoppers; and weeks later, he died of starvation.

The Lion and Dolphin Alliance

A lion walked by a beach and approached a dolphin near the the shore. Upon entering a discussion with him, the two agreed to form an alliance. Days later, the lion was in battle with a bull, and called out for help form the dolphin. The next day, the lion said to the dolphin, “You’re nothing but a traitor! You didn’t help me against that bull yesterday.” The dolphin retorted, “Don’t blame me. Blame Nature instead, which gave me power in the sea, but not in the land.”

The Goose and the Golden Eggs

One day, a poor man spotted a new goose among the various birds he kept in his yard. They heard it make a very strange noise, and seconds later, it laid a solid gold egg right before their very eyes! Each day after that, it produced another golden egg; and soon, the man and his wife became quite wealthy and began living a lavish lifestyle complete with servants and items of great luxury. In time, their expenditures reached such great heights that they could not be supported by the goose’s one-egg-a-day output, which suddenly seemed quite meager. “One egg a day?” the man lamented to his wife. “It’ll take a whole month just for just to get a few dozen more eggs, and we need to wait an entire year to get a few hundred eggs! We can’t wait so long just to get the eggs we need!” “We need more eggs!” she replied. “All of them! Let’s cut the goose open now so we can get all the eggs at once.” “Great idea, honey!” the man replied as he reached for a knife. He cut the goose open–but there were no eggs inside the now-dead goose.

The Fishermen’s Early Celebration

A group of fisherman felt something heavy caught on their net, and began celebrating what they assumed to be a large catch. After five minutes of clapping and dancing and hooting and hollering, they went ahead and pulled up the net; and upon doing so, they discovered that it contained three fish among loads of sand and stones.

Shepherd Enlists Wolf

A shepherd raised a wolf and taught it to steal lambs from the neighboring flocks. The wolf learned all the shepherd taught him, and became a very effective lamb-thief. He then told the shepherd, “You’ve taught me how to steal the sheep of your neighbor. Now you have to be on guard against me stealing your own sheep.”

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